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NOFI supplies the fish farming and aquaculture industry with a wide range of products and services. We develop and produce certified net cages, mooring solutions and special products. We work closely with several of the largest companies in Norway, and can offer solutions adjusted to the market.

Plastic net cages

NOFI manufactures certified plastic net cages in accordance with NS 9415. We offer certified net cages of up to 160 m in diameter, and up to 500 mm diameter floating pipes. Our net cages are supplied with one single weld.

Mooring systems and nets

NOFI is a certified supplier of mooring systems and analysis. We also supply sea farming nets, bird nets, shade nets and tarpaulin products. We can also customise our equipment in cooperation with the customer.

Special products for aquaculture

NOFI has a staff of qualified engineers and skilled workers with long experience and qualifications within plastic manufacturing processes. We cooperate closely with customers in order to provide optimal solutions.

Land-based installations

NOFI supplies solutions for land-based aquaculture facilities. We have the required expertise in order to carry out the whole process of design and construction of complex installations for land-based facilities.