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NOFI is a supplier of a wide range of tools and equipment for the cod and shrimp fleet. We are a main supplier of gill nets, longlines and hand lines to the coastal fleet. Our products are marketed and sold mainly in Norway and Russia.


NOFI has long experience in developing tools for effective and sustainable fisheries. Combined with new technology and materials our goal is to be the leading supplier within our market areas.


NOFI shall represent quality. Our demands on our own and suppliers' performance are high. We have high knowledge of our customers' challenges and supply products that will perform under all circumstances.


The trust from our customers has been the foundation of our product development and activity. Trust, knowledge and quality characterize all the services we offer our fishery customers.


We realise the importance of time and the ability to deliver when a vessel is preparing for fishing. We offer 24-hour service on equipment and service deliveries to our fishery customers.