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Trawl & Trawl Equipment

NOFI develops and manufactures cod and shrimp trawls for both the Norwegian and international fleet of trawlers fishing in the Barents Sea.

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Trawl Catalog

We cooperate closely with acknowledged suppliers; therefore we can assure that our products are of very high quality and suitable for their practical application.

Raw materials

Our cod and shrimp trawls are mainly produced in polyethylene or premium net. Our supplier of nets in polyethylene materials, Euronete (Portugal), is among the world's largest and most reliable suppliers. Euronete has an ongoing development program, and in our opinion offers some of the world's best polyethylene net products.

Cod ends & net for cod ends

NOFI also delivers cod ends for cod trawls in nylon or hotmelt (polyethylene based material). We stock all suitable types of net for cod ends, so that delivery times are reduced to a minimum. Cod ends are made on order, normally based on designs developed in cooperation with our customers.

Sorting systems

We deliver sorting systems adjusted to both Norwegian and Russian zones. Type E System and Flexi Grid System are supplied with 50 and 55 mm spacing.

Rockhopper gear and Roller gear

We have all components for cod and shrimp trawl gear in stock. Gears are produced according to customers' specifications.