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Wire & Towing Wire

Specifications for Europact Heavy Duty towing wire.


NOFI stocks a comprehensive range of wire for different purposes. In addition to all types of wire for fisheries, we have a wide range of wire for cranes and winches. In our wire workshop, we have skilled workers and specialist equipment to handle wire of most dimensions.

Wire lifting device

NOFI is a certified supplier of lifting devices. We issue certificates for lifting devices involving wire and chain. We can also certify existing lifting devices and issue new certificates.

Towing Wire for Fisheries

Our main supplier of towing wire, Euronete, introduced their own wire, Europact Heavy Duty, in 2009. This wire is manufactured in Portugal with the same machinery and specifications as the former Scanrope wire. The wire is produced with raw materials from Bekaert, acknowledged for their excellent quality and stability. The wire grease is of the highest quality available on the market, designed to prevent corrosion and to reduce wearing and friction.