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NOFI BoomBag®

The NOFI BoomBag is an oil boom system that has been specially designed for rapid response with minimal requirements for boats and personnel.

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The patented NOFI BoomBag is regarded as the world's quickest deployment system, which has resulted in NOFI being rewarded an innovation prize in 1998. The system is delivered to organisations and operators all over the world, including; the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Statoil Faroe Islands, Brazilian Petrobras, BP Shetland, BP Indonesia, PAJ - Petroleum Association of Japan, the Finnish Marine and CCB Bergen, Norway.

The NOFI BoomBag can be delivered in various lengths and dimensions. It is comprised of oil booms packed in a zig-zag formation inside a specially-designed bag, which is then packed on a pallet. The system can be stored on the quayside or a towing trailer ready for use, or in a warehouse.

For deployment, the towline can be connected to a boat and the system launched at sea. The operation takes about 1 minute after the vessel is in place. The system is towed out to the oil spill site at a towing speed of up to 15 knots. A sea anchor connected to the bag's deployment system is released into sea to deploy the oil boom at the desired position. The bag can be disconnected from the towing boat and left floating at sea, to be retrieved later so that the vessel is free to participate in other operations.

Operational requirements
Operation of the NOFI BoomBag, containing 300 metres of harbour oil boom, requires only 1 to 2 persons (including the boat's crew). Any boat/vessel with at least a 50 HP engine can be used. After use, the equipment is taken back on shore and the oil boom is re-packed into the bag which then can be folded on a pallet. Retrieval and re-packing can be carried out in less than 30 minutes by 3 to 4 persons.