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NOFI Current Buster®-teknologi

Brosjyre NOFI Current Buster ®

NOFI Current Buster® Technology is a revolution in oil spill contingency systems, and several of the NOFI Current Buster® Technology systems are patented internationally. The systems based on the technology are developed and manufactured by NOFI. The systems are regarded as the most efficient systems available; they have a unique ability to collect and concentrate oil in waters exposed to current as well as when towing the system at high speeds.

In addition to their ability to operate under demanding conditions, they are also designed and constructed to separate collected oil from water and to retain the oil in the system's separator. The process results in a thicker layer of oil, which in turn offers great advantages when pumping the collected oil into storage tanks. The NOFI Current Buster ® Technology systems are capable of collecting and separating oil at up to 5 knots towing speed. These systems are currently available in 4 different sizes.

NOFI began developing the NOFI Current Buster ® Technology in 1995. Today, the systems are used by a number of world leading oil spill contingency organizations. The technology has been thoroughly tested in controlled trials and actual field experience during real oil and diesel spills. The systems can be supplied for operation towed conventionally by two vessels, and for single-vessel towing in combination with the patented paravane BoomVane by Orc AB, Sweden. For further information, please contact our sales and marketing organization AllMaritim AS.