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NOFI Current Buster® 4

NOFI Current Buster ® 4 has been developed for use in coastal areas, particularly in ocean currents.

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The system is currently in use by oil spill control organizations such as the Norwegian Coastal Administration Department for Emergency Response, NOFO - the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies, Statoil, RWS - Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands, PAJ - Petroleum Association of Japan, Saudi Aramco and Qatar Petroleum.

Tests of the NOFI Current Buster ® 4 (carried out by the US Coast Guard) indicate that the system collects and retains oil at towing speeds of up to 4 knots, with an acceptable loss of oil, also in short period waves. The NOFI Current Buster® 4 offers excellent area coverage and flexibility in towing speeds up to 4 knots due to its compact and light construction which facilitates effective towing between oil spill slicks. The system is compact and can be stored on a reel or pallet. The NOFI Current Buster® 4 is well suited for single-vessel operations when used along with the patented BoomVane otter board.

Test results
The Canadian Coast Guard summarized the test results of the NOFI Current Buster ® 4 thus:
"Overall, the Current Buster® 4 performed as the manufacturer had indicated. The system was able to function at higher tow speeds than are possible with conventional booms. It is believed that the device represents a new generation of spill control technologies that add significantly to the capability to contain and collect spilled oil in coastal waters."