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NOFI Current Buster® 6

The NOFI Current Buster® 6 is the latest version of the NOFI Current Buster® technology system.

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The blow-out of the Maccando well on April 20,2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, resulted in carrying out over 50 NOFI Current Buster systems to clean up the massive oil spill, which led to the development of the NOFI Current Buster® 6. With a front opening of up to 34 meters (1339 in) and a towing capacity speed of up to 5 knots STW, the system has an excellent coverage area and high operational flexibility.


The improved hydrodynamic shape reduces the drag force and allows the system to move easier through water. The new model incorporates debris nets, wave dampers and splash-over cover. Together with the optimized shape of the separator, it stabilizes the movement of the separator and the liquids in the 70 m2 temporary storage area. Improved water outlet design allows the water to escape easily from the separator as it gets filled with oil; in addition it also allows the system to be deployed and recovered both ways.

The NOFI Current Buster® 6 can operate 5 times faster than a general conventional oil boom by using one vessel and a boom vane, whereas a conventional oil boom holds a towing speed of up to 1 knot STW and requires two vessels during operation.

In September 2011, the NOFI Current Buster® 6 landed an impressive second-place spot in the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X Challenge.