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NOFI Current Buster® 8

The NOFI Current Buster ® 8 is the largest system of the NOFI Current Buster® Technology systems. It has been developed for oil spill operations in open ocean areas.

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The system is currently in use by oil spill control organizations such as the RWS Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands, NOFO - the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies, Shell and SERVS - Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in Alaska, Mexican Pemex and Sullum Voe in Shetland, UK.

The NOFI Current Buster ® 8 has been shown to have excellent area coverage and high operational flexibility at operational speeds of up to 5 knots. The compact system can easily be manoeuvred and towed from one oil spill slick to another. The system incorporates a high-capacity separator and temporary storage unit. Due to the system's ability to separate oil from water, a skimmer pump can pump out almost pure oil, thus greatly increasing efficiency. Tests have shown that the NOFI Current Buster® 8 is able to collect almost all types of oil, independent of towing speed. The system should be stored on a reel.

Single-vessel operations
The NOFI Current Buster ® 8 has proved to be highly suitable for single-vessel operations in combination with the Ocean BoomVane otter board.