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NOFI EP-serien

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The NOFI EP Series is comprised of oil booms with solid floating bodies. The booms are designed for use in harbours, bays and fjords. They are delivered in standard 25 metre lengths, and standard freeboard diameters of:

• 250 mm (NOFI 250 EP)
• 350 mm (NOFI 350 EP)
• 400 mm (NOFI 400 EP)
• 500 mm (NOFI 500 EP

The NOFI EP Series oil booms can be stored in 25 metre sections or coupled together to any desired length. The oil booms can be stacked on pallets, boxes, containers or hung up on rails in containers or similar for rapid deployment. The NOFI 250 EP and the NOFI 350 EP can also be delivered as oil booms contained within the rapid response system NOFI BoomBag. Connectors for coupling to other oil boom systems can