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NOFI North Cape™ M1

NOFI, in cooperation with Maritime Preparedness Operation (MAPO), has developed a specially reinforced offshore oil boom for use in STS (Ship to Ship) operations in harsh arctic weather and wind conditions

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Areas of use
The NOFI North Cape Oil Boom M1 is designed to remain at sea during the whole period of oil transshipment lasting from November to May. During transshipment, the oil boom remains in position around the ships. During this time they are exposed to substantial strain and wearing forces.

The NOFI North Cape Oil Boom M1 has been thoroughly tested. The tests have shown that it is supremely resistant to strain and wearing forces. The NOFI North Cape Oil Boom M1 can operate in waves heights of up to 3 metres in STS operations, and 7 metres in open ocean operations, and at temperatures as low as -30 °C (-22 °F). It can also be used as a conventional oil boom.

The oil boom is air filled and constructed from a robust high-quality PU/PVC fabric with a built-in extra shield in areas exposed to contact with the ship's hull. To increase flexibility in waves and reduce the danger of puncture, the oil boom is constructed using individual air chambers. This provides maximum buoyancy in the sea and flexibility in wave dynamics. Because the NOFI North Cape Oil Boom M1 is primarily designed for use in an Arctic environment it is fitted with high-visibility accessories; reflector bands, buoy lights, radar reflectors, and an instrument pocket for e.g. GPS transmitter