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NOFI Oil Barge

NOFI Oil Barge is an inflatable storage barge developed in cooperation with SFT - The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority, as a system for temporary storage of oil and oil emulsions.

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When collecting oil from spills, temporary storage capacity is often a problem because the on-board storage tanks in vessels fill up quickly. The NOFI Oil Barge is easy to transport at sea which means it can be used for rapidly transporting oil to depots or other storage facilities, by smaller vessels. The oil storage barge is open which facilitates the storage of highly viscous oil, oil with solids, oil-contaminated seaweed and other contaminated products.

The NOFI Oil Barge's floating frame consists of 17 individual air chambers and a double layer of fabric which provides extra safety against punctures. Practical experience has shown that the barge can still operate effectively even with 3 punctured air chambers. The inflatable construction is lightweight and requires minimal storage space, which makes the barge easily accessible. An effective inflation system also ensures rapid mobilization of the oil storage barge.

The system is delivered complete with a detachable roof, towing rope, lifting slings, inflation fans and spare parts – all packed in a container. The barge is available in 3 different sizes.

Customer feedback
Feedback from our customers has been excellent. After tests of the NOFI Oil Barge the Norwegian Coastal Administration stated: " We thoroughly recommend the NOFI Oil Barge for temporary storage of collected oil and for its transporting abilities over relatively long distances, to depots or better suited storage facilities".