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Research and Development

NOFI's goal is to offer new products and services that give our customers unique advantages. R&D is an important part of this process, and we actively and systematically seek to acquire new knowledge and expertise. NOFI has presented a number of "New to the world" products and has registrated several patents and registrated trademarks.

Idea concept

New development usually starts with a good idea, often initiated by customers both at home and abroad, cooperating companies, research institutions or subcontractors - as well as our creative employees.


Our R&D takes place in cooperation with international institutions operating within our diciplines, and the everyday users of our products. Access to research fundings is often vital in large or high-risk projects.

Projecting planning, testing and verification

An important part of product development is professional and overall project planning, in which products are constantly being tested, verified and documented.


In research, the scope of the R&D work is often reflected in publications in acknowledged journals. NOFI focuses less on publishing, and more on the feeling of accomplishment we get when a customer is satisfied!

R&D goals