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Safety Nets

NOFI WOSNET™ (World's Strongest Net) is a net woven in a special pattern where the fiber and the ropes form a straight line without weakening or stretch due to knots or directional alterations. NOFI has patented this weave technology, called WOSNET technology.

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Nets based on the WOSNET technology are especially suited where it is desirable to reach a high degree of protection against heavy falling or swinging cargo, at the same time as the weight on the protective structure should be kept low. The net floats in water, and can be fabricated with a breaking resistance of several hundred tons per meter, both vertically and horizontally. It is produced from the UHMWPE Dyneema ® (reg. trademark DSM, Holland) SK75 fiber, marketed as "the world's strongest fiber".

NOFI SLOTNET™ is a special variant that is installed as a tract between the weather deck and the tree deck on production platforms. Potentially falling objects from the drilling rig are then guided so that they don't hit the production tree on the neighbouring wells, which makes it possible to drill and produce on neighbouring wells at the same time.

NOFI manufactures custom-made net constructions for different areas of use based on customers requests.