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Tanks & Tuns

NOFI manufactures standing cylindrical, non-pressurised, overground tanks, in volumes of up to 40 m³ and diameters of up to 2,5 m. The tanks are robust and normally require minimal maintenance (except normal working routines, including inspection of technical installations).

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We normally use polyethylene thermoplastic (PEHD) as the construction material. We can also build constructions in e.g. PP and PVC. We offer assistance in the design and layout of tank installations.

The tanks can be delivered with additional equipment such as; level indicators, spillways, top and side manholes, integrated internal or external pipe systems, signs and labelling, valves, insulation, integrated heating, pumps and other process equipment.

NOFI has developed an insulated tank concept. We use both mineral wool and foamed plastic mats as insulation material. PVC fabric is used for shells that are welded to fit the tank. The shell covering is pulled over the tank. Connecting pieces and pipes are sealed with mould-welded sleeves. We can also deliver pre-assembled heater cables or internal pipe coils for tank temperature control.

Tubs and containers
We manufacture specially adjusted tubs and containers for different purposes. These can be round or rectangular, and with or without covers. Examples of use are e.g. transportation of sea farming nets, storage of gill nets and seines, or the storage of mussels or other shellfish.

Flexible tanks
NOFI manufactures custom-made welded PVC fabric tanks. These can be used for a number of purposes, e.g. fluid storage or as process vessels. The tanks can be fitted with valves, end pieces, connectors, other standard pipe and process components etc.